Established in 2014 by Daniel Szor near the village of Stourton. Cotswolds Distillery is one of the most anticipated distillery in the UK. It is named after the region where it is operating, a beautiful region with very high quality barley to offer.

After the harvest, the malting takes place at Warminster, Britain's oldest working maltings. Milling ,mashing and fermaentaion are all done at the distillery. Distilling and aging expertise is provided by Alex Davies (formerly Chase Distillery), Scottish master distiller Harry Cockburn (former Distillery Manager at Bowmore, with many decades’ experience in whisky making) and Jim Swan (fondly known as ‘the Einstein of whisky’ for his formidable knowledge of the science of distillation and maturation).


While we still must wait a little for their whisky, they released Cotswolds dry gin in September 2014 and it has since established itself as one of the best gins in the world.



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