Cachaça Germana is produced in Nova União, 65 kilometers east of Belo Horizonte, Capital of the State of Minas Gerais. The farm owns around 600 hectares of sugar cane, which is grown without the use of chemical pesticides. The sugarcane fields are not burnt down, the crop is cut by hand, bottling, adding the banana leafs and the labels and filling the cases is all done by hand. This makes Cachaça Germana a truly and purely Brazilian artisanal Cachaça.

Fermentation of the sugar cane syrup is achieved by using maize grown at the farm and milled by a stone water mill and then toasted. The fermentation process takes between 14 to 24 hours as no heat is used to rush the natural process. The sugar cane wine is then distilled in a copper pot still keeping only the heart of the distillation.

Cachaça  Germana uses mainly French and Spanish oak barrels, which have been used for aging Whisky, Cognac and Sherry. They also use Brazilian balsam wood and Umburana (Brazilian cherry wood) barrels.



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