It were the Spanish conquistadores who discovered in the 17th century that the indigenous tribes in present Peru used the bark of the cinchona tree to cure various “fevers”. This “Jesuit’s bark” quickly became a very popular malaria cure in Europe.

In 1858 a man called Erasmus Bond patented an “improved aerated tonic liquid”. He was the very first to combine the quinine with a whole range of other flavouring agents. Tonic was born.


Since then tonic has evolved from a necessity to a commodity, from a fever killer to a thirst quencher. The arrival of high end spirits in modern times resulted in a substantial demand for quality mixers. Diverse flavour profiles in spirits require tailor made tonics.


That is why Erasmus Bond TM introduces three different tonics, with their distinct aroma and taste. This guarantees the perfect marriage of spirit and tonic, in the name of the father of all modern tonics, Erasmus Bond.



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