Starting out as a liqueur maker in Chambéry, in the late 19th century, was a bold decision. Competition was fierce in this small Savoyard town, known for its “Chambéry Vermouth”. But Philibert Routin was a man of great determination and vision. He was also, above all, a magician when it came to formulation. Léon Routin will later fight and obtain the appellation “Vermouth de Chambéry” in 1928.


Throughout the years the distillery will remain faithful to its traditions and region by developing new products such as Genepi, Pastis or Vulnéraire. Since the beginning, the vision of Philibert Routin has been the engine of the distillery.

Since 1883, La Distillerie Des Alpes has been committed to preserving its original Alpine recipes in keeping with the purest tradition. It has managed to withstand the test of time, a business of human scale and boundless energy, never losing sight of the guiding spirit of Philibert Routin: a thirst for innovation and an overriding insistence on quality.



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